RONC pecorino roncione a latte crudo

Raw Milk Pecorino Roncione

A medium-long maturation pecorino, made from fresh, raw milk carefully selected from our best stables. The natural microbial flora retained by the raw milk gives the cheese a rich and intense flavour, recalling to the palate and to the mind the typical scents and smells of the pasture, in a triumph of flavours and aromas. After an initial maturation in the dairy’s cells, the pecorino is transferred to the 18th-century Roncione cave, where it completes its maturing process lying on wooden planks and straw, subjected to a completely natural temperature and humidity. The peculiar microclimate of the environment is the final touch in a recipe that makes Pecorino Roncione unique and naturally lactose-free. The paste is hard and crumbly, pearl white in colour, the rind is hard and thick and covered with straw to recall the long maturing period inside the cave. The flavour is rich and strong, with hints of meadow and freshly milked milk.

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Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Weight Kg 2,500
Cheese Ripening min 150 days
Packaging 2 or 4 pcs./box
Conservation +4 / +8°C
Shelf Life 180 days