Fettedì is a new line of sliced cheese in a 100 % recyclable tray, which comes from the will of Busti Family to invest in sustainable projects and commit to preserve environment.

Busti has decided to expand its offer and also enter the self-service market with practical 100 g packs, thus allowing the customer to buy more quickly and in complete autonomy.

Thin and ready-to-eat slices, free of preservatives and produced exclusively with Italian milk from rigorously selected farms from the controlled and guaranteed supply chain. The line is divided into five different proposals, one for every taste: the sweet Caciotta Toscana, the precious Pecorino Toscano PDO and three delicious variations of pecorino cheese such as Pesto with PDO Genoese Basil, Saffron and Truffle.

The packaging is innovative and eco-friendly: the trays are produced in FSC certified paper, deriving from an environmentally friendly forest management and are combined with a transparent film coating that keeps the flavor of the product unaltered without compromising the recycling of the entire tray in the paper container. PaperSeal® is the name of this sustainable, patented and certified Aticelca level B packaging.

The project, conceived by Stefano Busti together with his sons Marco and Benedetta, was studied and carried out with the close collaboration of the copacker All Food from Traversetolo (PR), who takes care of the cutting and packaging of the product.

“For our family and our collaborators, sustainability and respect for the environment are fundamental principles – says Stefano Busti, owner of the company – In this last year, due to the Coronavirus emergency, consumption has shifted a lot towards pre-packaged products, we therefore wondered how much more plastic we would have used to distribute our cheese. Not wanting to contribute to the pollution of the planet and not finding anything satisfactory on the market, we believed in a new type of product packaging, almost entirely in paper. For us, it is a first important step towards a totally sustainable production chain. I say thanks to my father Remo who passed on to me the love and respect for our land and for those who live there. “

The slices are suitable for multiple occasions of consumption and use, from a healthy and genuine snack while away from home, to delicious hot dishes and fancy gourmet preparations. The QR-code on the product labels points directly to the company web page with many recipes and food matches.

The market launch of Fettedì will be accompanied in all advertising campaigns by the #busti4planet tag which, in addition to making the Busti brand immediately recognizable, underlines the Company intention to move towards a more sustainable development.