San Lucio 2021 low

Yesterday, Sunday 20 June, the award ceremony of the 9th CaseoArt San Lucio Trophy took place at the Pandino castle (CR). It is a contest specifically established to promote the sensory quality of cheeses, as well as to enhance the work and the mastery of dairy sector technicians.

Six are the prizes we won, after the technical evaluation of the ONAF jury and the cheese masters of Saturday and the final evaluation of Sunday with the popular jury of consumers and the school guys. More than 300 are the cheeses arrived from about 100 dairies throughout the national territory, which were candidate in the 25 categories available.

Four are the gold medals we won in this edition: candidate for the first time, our Ricotta di Pecora La Pec in the category “Ricotta cheese” rises on the top step of the podium; the Tre Latti Lari with vegetable rennet confirms its first prize of the previous edition in 2018 in the category “Cheeses with mixed milk”, as weel as the Pecorino Toscano Aged PDO in the category “Pecorino Toscano PDO”. Lastly, a new award for the Blu del Gregge Blue Cheese, winner of the first prize for “Sheep cheese aged up to 90 days”, the only blue cheese of our Company, which was presented in occasion of the 2019 TuttoFood edition.

Third awarded the Pecorino Roncione Raw Milk in the category “Cheese aged more than 90 days” and the Pecorino Metello in the category “Sheep cheese aged more than 90 days”, this one already awarded with the same medal in the previous edition.

“It always flatters us to receive so many awards, especially at San Lucio, one of the Italian competition we are very attached to – comments Stefano Busti – We obtained this great result thanks to our team: the work of the cheese masters is surely hard, but absolutely rewarding! Finally, the excellence of Pecorino Toscano PDO, on the highest step of the podium, is once again recognized and appreciated, in confirmation of our committment and the efforts of the Consortium in promoting the quality on Made in Italy”.